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As technology has advanced in almost every area of society, it has played an important role in the ever-changing healthcare needs of senior citizens. While planning The Retreat at Sunny Vista, we researched the latest technology solutions and selected a variety of tools to enhance the care we provide and enrich our residents’ lives.

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Bwell Solutions

BWell Solutions provides tablet-based, fall reduction and quality of life solutions that improve residents’ daily lives. The Bwell & Move testing platform is HIPPA compliant and includes four critical evaluations, two dynamic (I-TUG and 30s Chair Stand) and two static (4 State Balance Test & SIBT). After the evaluation, there are three programs with the goal of reducing fall risks and improving the core components of balance, mobility, and strength.

Coro Health

In partnership with Soundwall, Coro Health provides music therapy to improve emotional, psychological and behavioral outcomes. Clinically tested, the music increases wellness for residents by reducing agitation, improving sleep habits and combating the symptoms of dementia.


Assist2Hear is a hearing loop system that helps residents with hearing aids. The system reduces background noise, competing sounds and reverberation, improving the lives of those with hearing loss.

Cornell Light System

This state of the art system electronically records patient calls to the nursing staff, providing more detailed records and helping with patient contact and efficiency.

Digital Signage

This application allows families to see the activities of their loved ones.

It’s Never 2 Late

In2L incorporates user-friendly technology components to allow older adults to easily access the information they need. The system includes applications for recreation, social connection, and memory care engagement.

Wireless Internet

The Retreat includes wireless internet access throughout the community so residents can easily connect with family members and the activities they enjoy online.

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